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So there isn't all that much to say about FTP clients, they are piece of software that helps you manage your files from your local machine to a server environment. In essence it has a simple job basically moving the files around while we keep trust that under the hood it supports most of the protocols (FTP, FTPS, SFTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3...) in order to make our lives easier.

So, when it comes down to it, the basics are the same, but the difference, for most people (developers), is in the workflow, and that comes down to speed and comfort of performing those file managing tasks.

I've been using FlashFXP for 10+ years and Transmit 5+ years (very frequently in the last two), so I believe I can give a pretty good impresion on how those two stack up.

One side note, both of the FTP clients are platform-only which means that FlashFXP is Windows, while Transmit is Mac OS X (now macOS) based. Some say its like comparing apples and oranges, right? Right? Thank you! Thank you! I'll be here all night.

True, the "eco systems" are different but the point is workflow and advantages and downsides of both apps.

FlashFXP (by OpenSight Software)

FlashFXP logo icon

(Re)searching a best solution for FTP client, when I was working on Windows primarily, I've stumbled upon a small little app that used "Winamp" styled thunder logo as its connect icon in the UI. It seemd cute and I've gave it a shot because I liked the UI. Little did I know how useful it really was.

I ended up using it for better part of my current web developer career and that was with great joy. I've never looked elsewehere for FTP client and I've recommended it wholeheartedly many times. I really wish there was a Mac version of this app, not because Mac lacks FTP apps, but to give the Mac users an option to choose.

Currently you can only run FlashFXP on Mac inside a virtual machine, like Oracle's Virtual Box. Not sure how can that improve worfklow when you're forced to have an OS running on top of what you're already using, just to have an FTP client working.


  • Small footprint, very optimized, fast install, fast start and operate
  • Great Favorites manager (Site manager)
  • Small footprint, very optimized, fast install, fast start
  • Great Favorites manager (Site manager)
  • Shortcuts well placed and intuitive
  • Awesome IF FILE EXISTS rule manager
  • Easy to license
  • Constant updates and very attentive support


  • Does not support Amazon S3 or WebDAV
  • No Mac version
  • Price $29.95
  • Old GUI was nicer

Find out more: FlashFXP website.

Transmit (by Panic)

Transmit logo icon

First time I've seen Transmit wasn't actually when I was scouting for an FTP client but rather when looking for some image assets and design ideas I've ran into IconFactory's portfolio and seen that interesting looking truck. Imagine, an FTP client that moves files from your local machine to a server having a truck icon. It was such a nice idea and that grabbed my attention. Transmit was and still is the alfa and omega FTP client on Mac. There are few clients that are worth mentioning, one of them is most notably CyberDuck, which I've tried but it wasn't for me, I dislike single pane FTP clients.

Transmit works really great, it supports all of the file protocols and has a very nice UI but it has few steps that can be easily omitted in order to increase the workflow and make it more fluid.


  • Small footprint, optimized, nice Mac OS integration in Dock and Menu bar
  • Great Favorites manager (use website's Favicon as the identifier in the list)
  • Sync option (one click)
  • Supports Amazon S3 and WebDAV
  • Very personal feel to support/questions


  • Shortcuts are not that great
  • No IF FILE EXISTS rule manager
  • No Windows version
  • Price $34 (more expensive)

Find out more: Transmit website.

The best FTP client is

FlashFXP! This is IMHO a very easy decision and here is why. FlashFXP is much, much faster, and after just few days of use it becomes second nature to you. The shortcuts in combination with well set up rules and conditions works wonders. Sometimes it might happen that an updated file is not transfered, but I've ran into that with both clients from time to time and its fine.

There are few downsides so this is not me calling Mac users to switch to Windows just in order to use a FTP client, because the lack of Amazon's S3 support and FlashFXP being Windows only makes these very notable downsides. While there are no plans of creating a Mac version I still wish they would consider it. Here is a direct quote from OpenSight Software about what they had to say if you wanted to use FlashFXP on a Mac and a future development plans.


Unfortunately we do not have any immediate plans to create a native Mac version.

You can however use FlashFXP on MacOS with Parallels or similar software that emulate Windows to run Windows applications.
Charles DeWeese
OpenSight Software, LLC

E-mail ( from April 12th 2017 via website form.

Also, I would like to point out an interesting fact that I've asked a very similar questions (the smae question) about 5 years ago and the answer remained the same.

While FlashFXP was the winner, I have to say that Transmit would have won if they had IF FILE EXSITS rule, and it always bothered me why have they never included this. Just recently I've sent them a message via Twitter and got the following as a reply on the question why they never implemented, as I beleive, such an essential feature.

There wasn't any specifc reason we left this feature out. Honestly, you're the first person to ask for it. –T

Twitter (@panic) from April 11th 2017 via Direct message.

Disclosure: I have purchased the licenses with my own money for both of the FTP clients so the review is purely from my personal and professional perspective.


Yes, yes, the article is in English. I've took a break from writing it in the usual Serbian Cyrillic but I had this on my mind for few days and wanted to get it out as fast as possible.

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