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Problem using macOS High Sierra Patcher? How to fix hdiutil: attach failed - Resource busy

If you are an owner of an older Mac computer (in my case Mac mini Late 2009 - Mac mini 3,1), then you've probably wondering why has Apple denounced those older models in terms of Mac OS upgrade

Well, the stock machine is rather slow, the base versions had Intel's Core2Duo CPU's fom the P series that were mostly targeted to laptops.

Having just 2GB of RAM and a 5400RPM 160GB SATA drives made them a bit sluggish. When it comes to them running High Sierra, it would seem more like "walking" than running.

However, some of those machines can be upgraded to 8GB of RAM alongside a fresh boost of storage space in terms of nimble SSD.

Long story short, now you are able to install High Sierra on your machine by uinsg a macOS High Sierra Patcher created by dosdude1.

Video tutorial: Installing macOS High Sierra on older Mac's

Here you can see the complete How to Install macOS High Sierra on an Unsupported Mac - YouTube tutorial created by the dosdude1.

hdiutil: attach failed - Resource busy

Open Terminal > Paste the command:

hdiutil info | grep /dev/disk | grep partition | cut -f 1 | xargs hdiutil detach

Terminal screenshot of macOS High Siera hdiutil fix

There, all good!

Cause of hdiutil: attach failed - Resource busy

Looking into building a USB flash drive with macOS High Sierra image I've ran into a problem that happened after the initial macOS High Sierra download and trying to add the macOS High Sierra to the USB drive.

The issue was with the hdiutil unabling to mount the image and thus failing the process by reporting the resource as busy.

The solution, outlined in the initial part of this article was found on GitHub when a problem appeared with Oracle's VirtualBox on macOS Sierra.

Hope it shines a little bit more light on the issue. Cheers!

If you can, donate!

One litte thing at the end. If you can and you are able to do so, donate. If you can't just spread the word.

PayPal screenshot of donation to dosdude1



Usually, my bloging is in Serbian, namely Serbian Cyrillic, but I feel that these IT topics should be covered in English.


Here is my little Mac mini from late 2009 running macOS High Sierra

macOS High Sierra running on Mac mini 3,1

Edit: Added screenshots and Post Scriptum's.

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